How To Apply

How to Appeal Property Taxes

Here’s a short tutorial on how to file an application to appeal property tax on our website.

1. Enter your Address or Pin Code

To begin filling out the application to appeal property taxes, start by entering your pin code. This is the unique ID# found at the bottom of the mailing you received. This code will automatically fill in the requested information we have on file.

If you do not have a code, you will need to enter the requested information manually. When filling out the application do not let your device’s autofill take over or the information entered will not be recognized. Begin by typing a portion of your property address. For example, if your address is 123 Main Avenue, Anytown, NY 12345. Start by typing 123 Main and wait for a list of addresses to pop up below. Select the correct address.

If the wrong address has been selected, hit the orange button below it labeled "NOT YOUR ADDRESS? START AGAIN" to start over.

2. Verify your Information

After you have selected your address, verify the property information and owner on roll are correct. Make sure your First Name, Last Name, Main Phone, and Email are entered correctly.  If the owner on roll does not match your name and you recently purchased the property, check the box beneath the information to indicate you are the new homeowner. This way we can update our records until the roll is changed.

3. Sign the Application

Now sign the application in the white box with your mouse or finger and check the box to agree to the Terms & Conditions. To view a full list of terms, click the link highlighted in green. Type your initials to confirm.

4. Submit the Application

 Click on the "Submit Application" button to submit and if processed correctly, you will see a pop-up box thanking you for submitting your application for property tax grievance.

You will also receive a confirmation email momentarily and an official acknowledgment via email or mail once your application to appeal property tax is approved. If you do not receive this within 10 days, check your spam folder and if you suspect there is an issue contact the office for assistance.

It is not necessary to send an additional paper application after using the website. This can delay the process. Most importantly do not file multiple applications with different tax reduction companies. This creates confusion, and the county will only honor one filing per tax year. Remember the next filing period opens every September.

And it is recommended that you file EVERY year to bring you the most in property tax savings.

Now let us get to work for you!

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