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Your Guide to Fresh Produce on LI

Your Guide to Fresh Produce on LI

Summer is the perfect time to indulge in all your favorite in-season fruits and veggies! From grilling them up to tossing a few into your salads — you can't go wrong with fresh produce. And on Long Island, there are so many places where you can get that straight-from-the-farm taste.

So, whether you live in Nassau or Suffolk County, we've got a full guide to all things fresh produce on the island! Here's how to get started: 

Local Farm Stands

Many farms across Long Island offer produce stands with all their products for you to buy. It's usually smaller, maybe with not as many options. But, everything is grown locally. Not only would you be contributing to your local economy, but you could also save money by avoiding those grocery store prices. So, visit your neighborhood farms to see what kind of foods they are offering this season. 

Farmers' Markets

Known as bigger ordeals, farmers' markets on Long Island are a larger assortment of produce, products, and more, all condensed into an area local to you. Instead of going to a farm, they'll come to you! Find all your favorite fruits and vegetables, along with some organic honey, baked goods, and more. Even better, you may see a familiar face or two. 

"Pick Your Own" Farms and Orchards

Do you know what's better than just heading to a store and buying a bunch of strawberries? Picking them yourself! Throughout Long Island, you can find many farms that offer "pick your own" adventures.

From fresh, juicy peaches to small, little blueberries, buying produce can now become a fun family outing. And it's not just in the summertime that you can look forward to this — many of these spots are open in fall for apple and pumpkin picking!

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