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Will Long Island Get Much Snow This Winter?

Will Long Island Get Much Snow This Winter?


Long Island is no stranger to heavy snowfall, but in recent years it’s slowed down a lot. The big storms come and go, with our last blizzard being many years back. But it still helps that Long Islanders know whether or not they need to keep an eye out for storms coming along, so we have the forecast for you!


Predictions For The Rest Of This Year

Earlier before this new year started, it was predicted that December 2020 and January 2021 would be some of the coldest months in the Northeast seen in a long time. And we can see the temperatures have been dropping a lot recently, with winds increasing steadily. Considering we are about to enter February and a big storm is being forewarned shows that perhaps this winter won’t end as quickly as we think. 


February Winter Storm

Winter storm Orlena has been making its way to the east coast, planning to bring six or more feet of snow in some areas. It’s predicted that it will be hitting Long Island by Sunday into Monday, with the exact track of flow undefined at this time. It’s recommended you keep an eye on weather forecasts as we move into the weekend as more news continues to be put out about how heavily we’ll get hit, but be sure to prepare for a lot of snow!

Early Spring or Longer Winter?

It’s quite ironic that we’re getting hit with a massive snowstorm around Groundhog Day, but no matter what the little guy predicts, you should always have your home prepared for any season. Please do not get caught being unprepared for heavy snowfall for the rest of this winter since we still have another month or so of chilly temperatures. Stay alert and take care of yourself and your family the rest of this winter!

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