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Will a deck increase my property taxes?

Will a deck increase my property taxes?

How Will a Deck or Patio Impact My Property Taxes?

After owning your property for a few years, you may have some ideas for how you would like to change up your living space. However, you don’t want to get carried away with numerous renovations because it could potentially decrease the value of your home. Luckily, the property tax professionals of NY are here to help you consider the deck or patio resale value.

What is the Difference?

A deck and a patio are great additions to enhance the outside space; however, there are key differences. A deck is an open platform without a room that extends from a house. On the other hand, a patio is usually paved and can either be attached to or away from home. Though a patio is less expensive than a deck, the deck has a greater return on investment.

The Pros and Cons of a Deck

Depending on your desires, it might be a renovation option to think about. If your land is on uneven terrain and you plan to sell your property eventually, this might be a perfect choice. Although building a deck will make a valuable addition to your house, there are some factors to consider:

  • High resale value
  • Works well if your land is not leveled
  • Better view
  • Cools you down during the summer


  • Requires more maintenance
  • Shorter lifespan
  • May need a permit
  • More expensive
  • Weight restrictions


The Pros and Cons of a Patio

Are you searching for a simple home addition without breaking the bank? You should consider a patio as it is easy to maintain and brings privacy. However, if your land is not flat, you might need to reevaluate your decision. There are many benefits to a patio, but just like the deck, there are different aspects to ponder:

  • Cheaper to Install
  • Easy maintenance
  • Allows more privacy
  • Longer lifespan
  • No permits necessary


  • Not ideal for uneven terrain
  • Prone to cracks
  • Slipping risk
  • Easy to stain


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