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Which Season Does the Most Damage to my Home?

Which Season Does the Most Damage to my Home?

It's no secret that every season brings its own set of problems to your home. From leaves and snow clogging up gutters, ice dams on roofs, and pesky bugs lurking around windows — you never know what Mother Nature will throw at you. If you're curious to know which season gives your home the most hassle throughout the year, we've got the full breakdown for you in order of least alarming to most harmful times for your humble abode:


Summer Storms

Summer can often bring some nasty thunderstorms, which dump a lot of rain on your home and property. The risk for water damage remains steady all year round, but the good thing about summer storms is that they go just as quickly as they rolled in. Your home could also face warping due to extreme temperatures, but other than that, summer brings mild troubles to your house compared to most seasons.


Fall Dangers

Fall is notorious for bringing cooler temperatures and a variety of other weather conditions such as rain and — worst of all — hurricanes. However, it takes a very active hurricane season to make fall worse. Long Island has seen its fair share of damaging storms, but fallen leaves and cold temperatures occur more frequently. Remember to keep your gutters clean and clear off debris from your yard often.


Spring Showers

Trees start budding, and flower buds begin opening in springtime, which means pollen levels rise dramatically. This time of year is also notorious for having more windy days than any other season, leading to fallen branches hitting your roof or windows. And lots and lots of rain comes from spring! During these months, rain can become an issue as it pours heavily, causing problems such as erosion or flooding in basements.


Winter Wonderland

Your heating system will have to work harder and longer than usual so that it can keep up with the colder temperatures outside. The added stress on your furnace may cause it to break down more often. Your indoor humidity levels also rise during winter because there's less heat inside. And, worst of all, heavy snowfall and blizzard conditions can cause a lot of damage to the exterior of your house. This is the season that it's essential to keep up with home maintenance!

No matter the season, your home is an important asset to you and your life. While all these dangers have preventive measures, what about protection against high property taxes? If you feel you're paying too much in property taxes, our team is here to help.


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