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What To Know Before Moving To Long Island

What To Know Before Moving To Long Island

Long Island is one of the most popular places to move in the United States. It offers a variety of activities and attractions, from outdoor recreation to urban areas with plenty of shopping and dining options. If you're considering a move to Long Island, there are some things you should know before taking the plunge.

Let's take a closer look at what it takes to make your relocation successful.


The weather on Long Island varies depending on location, but generally, it experiences four distinct seasons — spring, summer, fall, and winter — each with its own unique weather patterns. In spring and fall the temperatures range from mild days into the mid-80s Fahrenheit (about 29°C) during the day with cooler nights averaging around 60°F (15°C). Summers can be hot with temperatures reaching into the 90s Fahrenheit (32°C), while winters can be cold with temperatures dipping into the 20s Fahrenheit (-6°C). Snowfall averages around 35 inches per year with coastal areas typically receiving less snowfall than inland regions. 

Things To Do

Long Island is home to a variety of attractions for all ages and interests. Outdoor enthusiasts will appreciate:

  • Beaches such as Jones Beach State Park or Robert Moses State Park offer swimming, fishing, camping, and more
  • Or perhaps hiking trails at Bethpage State Park or Sunken Meadow State Park
  • Some popular golf courses include Montauk Downs Golf Course or Bethpage Black Golf Course
  • Boating tours around Fire Island National Seashore

For those looking for more urban activities, there are:

  •  Plenty of museums like The Hofstra Museum or The Heckscher Museum
  • Theaters such as Patchogue Theatre for Performing Arts
  • Sporting events like Brooklyn Nets basketball games
  • Concerts at Westbury Music Fair
  • Festivals like Oyster Festival in Oyster Bay
  • Amusement parks such as Adventureland in Farmingdale
  • Shopping malls such as Roosevelt Field Mall in Garden City
  • Wineries such as Raphael Winery in Peconic
  • Restaurants like Nicky's Clam Bar in Port Jefferson Station
  • Nightclubs like Revolution Bar & Music Hall in Amityville
  • Music venues such as The Space at Westbury Theater
  • And art galleries like the Art League of Long Island in Dix Hills

There really is something for everyone!

High Taxes on Property Owners

Property taxes are also very high in certain areas of Long Island. For example, Nassau County has a property tax rate of 0.8%, which means homeowners will pay $8,000 per year on a house worth $1 million. While this may not seem like much compared to other parts of the country, it can add up quickly when combined with other expenses such as utilities and groceries.

Don’t let high taxes on property scare you from moving to this beautiful area. Our team can help! 

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