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What To Do If You Missed Our Grievance Deadlines

What To Do If You Missed Our Grievance Deadlines

The grievance deadlines for Nassau and Suffolk county have come and gone, but don't think you have entirely missed out on your opportunity to lower your property taxes. Just because you missed this year doesn't mean you don't get to try again! You will have to wait until the next filing period. Here is everything you need to know about preparing for the following grievance deadlines and what can be done before that.


A Few Steps You Can Take To Lower Your Property Taxes

There are some simple things that you can do throughout the year leading up to tax day, which will help lower your property taxes. It doesn't have to be complex or complicated, so here are some tips to help you save money until our next grievance period:




  • If you have more than one residence in different counties, consider filing with only one county. You can use the other as a vacation home or rent it out.
  • Cut down trees or vines growing on your property that might be considered a nuisance by an appraiser if they affect the house's marketability or curb appeal.
  • Schedule regular inspections of your home to catch any problems before they escalate into costly repairs or increased taxes.
  • Claim all your exemptions and deductions, such as property tax deductions or real estate tax exemptions.
  • Maintain your roof well-- If you have a good roof, it can save up to $600 on your annual property taxes.
  • Set aside money each month.
  • Donate items you no longer need to help declutter your property.
  • Contact us to file for the next grievance period!



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