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What if My Request is Turned Down?

What if My Request is Turned Down?


Your property taxes go up every single year. So even if your assessment remains unchanged, your taxes increase. But, there is something you can do about this! As a homeowner, you are entitled to file a Property Tax Grievance. A Property Tax Grievance allows your assessment to be reviewed by the Assessor to see if a reduction is warranted. And, in a perfect world, all assessments would be approved. 

But, on the off chance that your request is turned down, here’s what you can do.

Assessor Review

As stated above, an assessor will review your request to see if a reduction is warranted for your case. If the Assessor does not reduce your assessment, an appeal can be filed to have an impartial hearing officer determine if your house is overvalued for tax purposes, which is where we come in!

Our Process

Once you file with us, you will receive confirmation from P.T.R.C, Inc | P.T.R.C., Inc. that we received your application within the deadline, and you’re eligible to file the grievance application. From there, we will represent you before the Board of Assessment Review (B.A.R.) in Suffolk County or the Assessment Review Commission (A.R.C.) in Nassau County.

Based on the decision rendered by the A.R.C. or B.A.R., P.T.R.C, Inc will either accept the reduction, or we will proceed to the Small Claims Assessment Review (SCAR).

What if My Request is Turned Down?

SCAR is the only way to obtain a reduction if denied at the board level. We have proven extremely successful here! A $30 court filing fee is required for SCAR to purchase an index number which guarantees your case to be heard. P.T.R.C, Inc | P.T.R.C., Inc. will buy the index number and complete all necessary paperwork on your behalf. Once your appeal is filed, it is up to the Supreme Court to schedule a hearing (This can take up to several months because of the numerous SCAR appeals being filed). We will appear on your behalf and present all the needed evidence to succeed.

And, in the end, if your request is fully turned down, your property taxes will remain unchanged. There are no penalties, and you can file again next year if you choose.

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