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Ways to Improve your Home this Winter

Ways to Improve your Home this Winter

The long and hot days of summer are long gone. The leaves have fallen off the trees and the cold air is now a permanent feature of the climate. Winter has arrived for everyone, including local residents that reside in Long Island, New York. 

Homeowners who live in this area, you can do the following things to improve your property's value and to get your home ready before the snow arrives. 

Keep your Yard Neat and Organized 

You might be a homeowner who doesn't believe in doing that much yard work once summer ends. This is a mistake to think in this way. The fact is that your front and back yard areas should always be free from foliage, debris and garbage. Rake in remaining leaves that have been left over from the early fall.

Get rid of any branches or debris that lands onto your yard after a fall storm or from a windy fall day. Next, make sure that all remaining items from the summer have been cleared away. Make sure to remove leaves from your gutter to keep them in good condition. Once you do this, your yard will look well kept and ready for winter.

Give your Hedges and Bushes One Final Trim 

As a homeowner you might be tempted to think that trimming the hedges is pointless during this time of year. In most cases you are right. However, before the cold sets in for a while, you should give your bushes and hedges one final trim. Realistically, you should take this action during late October or mid November when we will get a few more warmer days. 



Plants will slow down their growth for the cold to conserve their own energy, one final trim before the holidays might be needed if you haven't done this yet. 
Final Cold Weather Improvements for Home 
Make sure you insulate your home and have your thermostat checked out before you need it the most. Get a good set of lights that conserve energy to brighten up your home for the long winter nights. Check you in home air filter as theys hould be changed every 30 to 60 days. Test your fire and carbonmonoxide alarms once a month. Call your local trusted HVAC technician to check out your heating system to ensure it's up and running efficiently. 
PTRC also encourages you to safely apply ornaments to your house and yard to avoid fire or shock. Do not overload your sockets with lights.  Also, touch up your home with paint if it needs before the cold sets in.  We hope this list of reminders is something that was of use to you. Happy Holidays from PTRC. 
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