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Top Things to Do in Winter on Long Island

Top Things to Do in Winter on Long Island

Wintertime on Long Island is a perfect time to spend time with the family! While the weather may be chilly, that doesn’t mean you have to stay put in your home.

Here are our favorite winter activities on Long Island:

Go Skating. 
A local favorite is Christopher Morley Park. They have voted this two hundred foot rink the best outdoor rink on Long Island.
Take a Hike.

 From a short walk to an invigorating journey, winter is the perfect time to take a hike with the family. Try Caleb Smith State Park for a nice walk, or the Quoge Wildlife Refuge for hiking, nature workshops, and more.

Head to a Museum.
 For a warm, indoor family outing, try the Cradle of Aviation Museum or the Long Island Children’s Museum.

Take a Seal Cruise.
 Long Island’s waterways are full of marine life, and what better way to view them than Captain Lou’s Seal Watching tour?

Visit the Aquarium.
 If you’re not looking to set sails but still want a maritime adventure, head to the Long Island Aquarium!

Go Bowling.
Winter weather means it can be harder to get outside and play your favorite sport. However, you can still keep up some family-friendly competition with a few games of bowling!

See a Movie.
Whether it’s a date-night or a family outing. Consider indulging in a dine-in movie experience to see one of the newest box-office hits.

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