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Tips For Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

Tips For Appealing Your Property Tax Assessment

Property taxes are one of the costs of owning real estate, so they’re usually unavoidable. But that doesn’t mean you can’t appeal your assessment if you think it’s too high. Appealing your property tax assessment is easy and could result in a significantly lower payment when tax time rolls around. Here are some tips for how to appeal your property tax assessment without stress.

Know How Your Municipally's Assessment Operates

Property taxes in the United States are governed by each individual city and county, so it is difficult to offer an over-arching strategy or tactic to all situations. That said, it is important to first understand the policies and practices of your municipal government.

For example, does your municipality assess property according to a square footage metric? Is there a list of exemptions that you can utilize on your assessment?

Keep Grievance Deadlines in Mind

Whether you're unhappy with your assessment because you think it's too high or because it's inaccurate, assessing your situation as soon as possible is vital. If you want to get your grievance heard and potentially change your assessment, it’s important to stay on top of grievance deadlines — like these dates for our services. 

Comparing Local Properties

Did you know that the value of your property might be assessed differently than other properties in your neighborhood? The local assessor's office will take into account the qualities and attributes of both the neighborhood and individual properties when determining tax assessments.

For example, if there are three properties on a street with similar square footage, they may be assessed at different rates based on location, amenities, quality of the construction materials used, age of the building(s), etc.

Compile The Necessary Data

It's recommended that homeowners keep track of any capital improvements made to their homes, such as roof replacements or new appliances. If possible, take before and after pictures, so you have proof of what was done and when it was done.

Also, keep a record of all expenditures related to maintaining the home like oil changes or plumbing services, and get receipts from contractors doing work around the house. Be sure that these documents are properly stored in an easily accessible place so they can be referenced at any time.

Involve Experts

Appealing your property tax assessment can be a challenge if you don't know where to start. To help you along the way, make sure you invest in experts! The experts here at P.T.R.C., Inc. are dedicated to serving our clients with quality work and push to ensure that our clients pay the lowest amount of property tax as required by law.

Ready to Save Money?

You count on one of the leaders in property tax challenges! For decades, P.T.R.C., Inc. on Long Island has strived to minimize clients’ property tax assessment with personalized service. Customer service is our number one priority.


As the leader in property tax challenges, the staff at Property Tax Reduction Consultants (P.T.R.C., Inc.) is dedicated to assuring that our clients pay the lowest possible property tax as required by law!