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Tick Tock! Suffolk County’s Grievance Deadline is Almost Here!

Tick Tock! Suffolk County’s Grievance Deadline is Almost Here!

By filing a grievance, you have the potential of reducing your property taxes by hundreds (or thousands!) of dollars and the team here at P.T.R.C., Inc. is here to help every step of the way!

If you’re a Suffolk County resident, take note — your grievance deadline is around the corner.

While the deadline for 2019/2020 applications is May 21st, we ask that you submit your applications to our office by 2pm on May 16th. We have to manually file all applications with each town in Suffolk County, submitting your application by May 16th guarantees we can file your applications in time.

If you have any questions or concerns about your application, please give us a call at 631-484-0654 or send an email to info@ptrc.com.

Remember, our policy is simple — if we do not get you a reduction, you do NOT pay us a penny! Curious about how much you can save? Enter your town, street, or zip code to see what your neighbors have already saved.

What are you waiting for? Click “Apply Now” to submit your application!



At P.T.R.C., Inc. we’ve made it our mission to ensure our clients pay the lowest amount in property tax as required by law. Since 1990, we’ve been recognized as fair and honest, and our clients benefit from the close working relationships we’ve established with the assessing units over the years.




As the leader in property tax challenges, the staff at Property Tax Reduction Consultants (P.T.R.C., Inc.) is dedicated to assuring that our clients pay the lowest possible property tax as required by law!