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Summer Fun on Long Island for 2021

Summer Fun on Long Island for 2021


Summer is on its way! Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Spots all over Long Island are open and welcoming people this season. We understand that last summer was different and more stressful, but this summer is looking to be one of the best ones yet! Here are some places on the island you and your family can enjoy this summer.



Famous beaches across the island are all finally opening back up fully to visitors! The water is warming up, and the temperatures are rising, so here are a few of the most popular spots for you to travel to:
  • Jones Beach State Park
  • Robert Moses State Park
  • Montauk
  • Fire Island
  • Orient State Park
Enjoy many watersport activities such as kayaking, paddle-surfing, fishing, boating, surfing, and more! And of course, there are many other beaches that Long Island has to offer; find the perfect, closest one for you!

Family-Friendly Activities

Many famous activity spots on Long Island are opening up for families this summer! From museums to interactive parks, your family will make many great memories. You can visit places like:
  • The Long Island Aquarium: See their complete Covid-19 guideline and expectations here.
  • Vanderbilt Museum & Planetarium: Their museum opened up a bit ago for guests, but as of June 4th, the planetarium is officially open for guests as well! Visit their website to learn more about their hours and requirements.
  • White Post Farms: From animal farms to train rides, White Post Farms offers so much fun for the family! Check their website for special events coming up soon.
  • Adventureland: Who doesn’t love a day at the amusement park! Keep up-to-date with their schedule, as park openings can change often.
  • Splish Splash: They are opening up finally this summer and have many health and safety precautions. Be sure to get your ticket in advance as well!

These spots, plus many restaurants and more, are all embracing the positive changes coming with this season. We hope your summer is safe and enjoyable this year!

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