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Suffolk County Deadline Approaching!

Suffolk County Deadline Approaching!

Suffolk County has one of the highest property tax rates in the country!

This high tax rate can significantly impact homeowners, making it essential for them to seek opportunities for assessment challenges to potentially reduce their financial burden.

Filing a grievance allows you to challenge your property assessment and potentially reduce your taxes. Join many of your neighbors who have already saved by applying with P.T.R.C., Inc.!

Filling out the application is quick and easy. There's absolutely NO FEE unless we successfully reduce your taxes. 

Don't wait! The deadline to apply for a reduction is May 14th, so act now! Missing the deadline means waiting until 2025 for another opportunity.

Contact P.T.R.C., Inc. to challenge your property assessment and potentially save big on your taxes. for help filing a grievance.


As the leader in property tax challenges, the staff at Property Tax Reduction Consultants (P.T.R.C., Inc.) is dedicated to assuring that our clients pay the lowest possible property tax as required by law!