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Spring 2022 Home Projects

Spring 2022 Home Projects

Spring is here, and it's time to make your home a little more beautiful. Whether you're looking for a change in décor or a new addition to your living space, there's something for everyone! There are various ways to brighten your humble abode with a few quick projects that will take little time or money but can make a big difference in how your house feels. Here are some ways for you to get started on making this season of renewal in your life even better:


New Furniture

From making small changes like updating throw pillows or rugs to a complete overhaul of all the furniture in your living room, give some rooms in your home a fresh look with new furniture that matches the current style of your house.

Pick out something that matches both function and design; it doesn't have to be an all-new overhaul! Just make sure that the new piece speaks to you and is something that you look forward to having throughout the spring and summer seasons!


Consider Repainting

When was the last time you painted the interior walls of your home? From something as simple as a bedroom to a bigger project like your living room, giving your walls a fresh, clean paint job is a great project to take on this season. It'll be nice enough outside to open the windows to let natural light help you as you paint and allow the spring breeze to dry things off faster.


Outdoor Fun

Spring is such an exciting season to get projects done outside. It's not too hot or too cold — perfect for taking on some big outdoor tasks. There are plenty of DIY projects like planting flowers or building a garden shed! These recreational activities are also a great way to increase your curb appeal this year.

Also, you can take on essential issues like washing down the outside walls with a power washer. This will help remove any dirt or mold accumulated over the winter months and make it look fresh again.

And while you're busy getting your home ready for spring, we're getting ready to help homeowners like you get their property taxes lowered this year. Ready to join them to check one more thing off your home projects list?


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