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Snow Predictions for Winter on Long Island 2022

Snow Predictions for Winter on Long Island 2022

As we head into the rest of winter, many Long Islanders are curious about how much snow this season will bring. Snow may seem fun, but it can also be a hassle to deal with for commuters, homeowners, and business owners. So, we have a predicted breakdown of what Long Island can expect this year moving forward into the rest of winter.


Long Island is Expecting a Cold Start and Warm Finish

According to NY Metro Weather, the general vicinity of New York City and Long Island is expected to have a cold start to winter and then a warmer end. We can see this in how freezing it has been lately — with more snow on its way even this week. Our average snowfall is predicted for this year (about 25 inches), with some prediction numbers maybe being a little lower than usual.

However, even with the forecasts from professional experts in the meteorology field, it’s still difficult to track the exact weather patterns for the season. But, so far, what we’ve seen on the island matches the above predictions pretty well.


So, Should You Be Worried?

Long Island doesn’t have to be nearly as worried as our friends in upstate New York! While, yes, we are expecting a few more strong, snowy days here on the island, no blizzards or worse are projected for this year.

Meteorologists have predicted moderate to strong La Nina conditions, mainly affecting those near the coast. Coastal flooding is something that many Long Island residents are familiar with, even if it isn’t fun to deal with.


Keep an Eye on Forecasts

Weather is ever-changing, and even if it seems like this winter season is going along with current predictions, conditions could change. Whether it be a stronger than average La Nina storm or heavier snowfall than anticipated, always make sure you’re keeping track of the weather and making certain travel is safe.

Stay safe this season, Long Island!


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