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Quick Ways to Combat Spring Allergies

Quick Ways to Combat Spring Allergies

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The spring is a time for optimism here on Long Island. You have the summer restaurants and stores opening their doors for the season and before you know it, the beaches will be open for business!

This all sounds amazing, but for people with allergies, spring is one of the most frustrating times of year. For all of our allergy-ridden clients, we want to provide you with some relief»



Allergy Season | Property Tax Reductions

Don't Be Overanxious 
We know you were trapped inside all winter, but just because there is nice weather outside doesn't mean you should be out all day. The early morning hours are when pollen counts are the highest and windy days tend to affect people with allergies more harshly. Know your body and stay inside on windy days if you know how pollen affects you.

Don't be Stubborn 
Antihistamines do a great job at blocking your body's response to allergies and you NEED to take them as advised. Some people will start and never finish, or even worse, they never even start in the first place. These medications are not going to correct your allergies, but they'll make them a lot more bearable.

Take Preventative Measures 
It's just like we say with property taxes-- it's better to get it done early! You don't want to wait for an allergy attack to do something about your symptoms. You want to start taking your allergy medicine at least a week or so before the typical allergy season starts for you. By doing this, you'll help your body prepare itself for the pollen and allergens to come!

Go Natural 
There are some natural and herbal methods that may help ward off allergens as well. Studies have shown that a Chinese herbal formula known as Biminne is showing promise as it pertains to allergies. One study said that people taking Biminne five times a day for twelve weeks still felt the benefits a year later! Does that sound like something your coughing and sneezing might be interested in? (Of course, do speak with your doctor first!)

Once you have had enough of the coughing and sneezing, get yourself to our website so you can earn a property tax reduction. We have successfully challenged property taxes since 1990 and are here to help you SAVE! The Nassau County deadline is quickly approaching (April 30th) and Suffolk County's is around the corner (May 21st). Contact us today for more information.

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