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Outdoor Fall Adventures on Long Island in 2021

Outdoor Fall Adventures on Long Island in 2021

Fall is a wonderful time to get your fill of outdoor activities in. The weather is not too warm and not too cool, making for the perfect temperature. Plus, along with fall comes many fun outdoor activities that only come around this time of year! So buckle up because we’ve got a long list of all the autumn adventures to be had this year on Long Island.


Pumpkin Picking

Can’t have autumn without pumpkins! Whether you decide to paint them, carve funny faces, or place them around for decorations— going the entirety of fall without collecting a single pumpkin is a crime! Now is the perfect time to visit a nearby pumpkin patch with the whole family.


Many hiking trails throughout Suffolk and Nassau county are perfect for exploring this time of year. Remember to always follow the provided path and wear solid footwear as the walkway may have a few leaves on it— which could lead to slips and falls.

Apple Picking

There are many farms and orchards throughout the island that are still open for apple picking! However, be sure to give it a go as soon as possible since apple season doesn’t last longer than mid-October. The sooner you go, the better apples you’ll be able to grab.

Fall Festivals

No matter where you live on Long Island, there is always bound to be some local fall event going on during October. From street fairs to shopping opportunities, don’t miss the chance to enjoy the outdoors until the weather gets cold. Here are a few examples of what you have to look forward to the rest of this month!

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