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Our Favorite Suffolk County Restaurants

Our Favorite Suffolk County Restaurants

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At Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we help you lower your taxes so you have more money to go out and enjoy yourself. If you want to really, really enjoy yourself, these Suffolk County restaurants are perfect for any occasion»

Ciao Baby
Favorite Item: Rice Balls! 
This family style Italian restaurant is perfect for your Sunday afternoon family get together. They feature a wide array of seafood, poultry, steaks, pastas, pizzas and much more. They feature a delicious weekday lunch special for $12 that has become a hit for business people in the area. Oh, and don't forget ladies night every Thursday!
Vintage Steakhouse
Favorite Item: NY Strip Steak 
This high end steakhouse in St.James is perfect for the milestones in your relationship. With delicious wines and quality steak & seafood to grace your plate, this place is sure to be a hit on your next date night. But be careful, there is a business causal dress code that is strictly enforced.
Argyle Grill and Tavern
Favorite Item: Chicken Cardinal 
This spot has been here on Long Island since the early 1940's, but back then it was known as John's Bar. It later became Stillman's in the early 1990's, where it became famous for it's food, wine and spirits. Once it became Argyle's, the limits were endless for this Babylon treasure.
H20 Seafood & Sushi Grill 
Favorite Item: Tornado Rolls 
Suffolk County is lucky enough to have two H2O locations, one in Smithtown and one in East Islip. They feature a variety of different seafood, steak and sushi items, with sushi being their calling card. We're not kidding about these Tornado Rolls, they are incredible.

Don't have too much fun and forget your property tax grievance applications. The deadline for Suffolk County residents is May 16th, and be careful, because it is closer than it seems. You can fill out your application on our website and call 631-484-0654 or email Info@ptrc.com with any questions. 



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