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Long Island Activities Outdoorsy People Will Love

Long Island Activities Outdoorsy People Will Love

If you or someone who loves to spend time outdoors, Long Island has many unique spots for you to visit this summer! Break out your hiking sneakers and sunblock because we have some of the must-visit sites for you this season. Ready for some fun in the sun?  

Sunken Meadow State Park

Located in the Town of Smithtown in Suffolk County, this scenic spot offers closeness to the water and biking accessibility. Whether you are looking for a perfect place to jog or hoping to get together with friends and family for a picnic or BBQ, it's a great place to spend time outdoors this summer!  

Avalon Hiking Trails

You can find this beautiful walking trail within the heart of Stony Brook! People from all across Long Island come out of their way to explore this trail. From great hiking spots to an immersive walk through art mixed with nature. Plus, you can find the famous mirror sphere deep in the flower fields!  

Blydenburgh Park

Whether you're looking for the perfect walking or hiking spot or are searching for some excellent bird-watching areas, Blydenburgh Park is a great choice for you! It has a six-mile loop around the lake, with trails being well marked and easy to follow.  

Lavender By The Bay

This beautiful spot is a family-owned and operated business of lavender and bee care! Take a trip to see the flowers in full bloom the color purple encompasses the entire area, and the sweet and calming scent of lavender fills the air. It's the perfect place for pictures, walking, and buying all your favorite lavender-themed items.  

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