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Last Minute Tax Day Checklist

Last Minute Tax Day Checklist

Tax Day is the day that adds a lot of extra stress for everyone in America. For some, this can be a tedious and long process that takes up an entire weekend of work. Do you still have some things to take care of? Not to worry, we've got you covered. If you've procrastinated on gathering all of your tax documents together or filling out the necessary forms, this last-minute checklist will help prepare you for the big day! 

Gather Your Tax Documents Together

Are all of your W2s, 1099s, and any other documentation and forms ready to go? Getting together any paperwork related to your taxes from the past year is important in getting through Tax Day. If this hasn't been done yet, right now is the time to do so. 

Double Check Your Forms

You'll want to check your forms to ensure all the information is correct. It's essential to double-check that your name, address, and social security number are on each form. If any changes or corrections are needed after filling out a form, don't forget to fill them out before mailing it off or e-filing it!

Don't Hesitate To Get Help

If you need help, many resources are available, such as online tax preparation software and mobile apps that can make this process easier for you. In addition, most local libraries offer free assistance with filing taxes during tax season. If you still have questions about how to file your taxes or what deductions may be available to you, contact a certified public accountant to go over everything and make the process easier. There are many outlets for you to choose from! 

Get It Done Now

Truthfully, this weekend is your last time to get everything done — so do just that! Take the tips above and keep your paperwork organized and your mind clear. However, there's still time to get a deduction on your property taxes!

With the Nassau County deadline being May 2nd, 2022, and the Suffolk County deadline being May 17th, 2022, you still have time to apply for a property tax grievance!  P.T.R.C., Inc., is recognized as fair and honest. Our clients benefit directly from the close working relationships we have established with the assessing units throughout the years.

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