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Last Minute Christmas Checklist

Last Minute Christmas Checklist

Christmas is right around the corner! You don’t want to feel rushed, so it’s best to make sure you got everything you need to get done or prepared for this week. Don’t wait until the last minute, AKA Christmas Eve, to do all your wrapping or baking. Here are some essential things you need to check off your Christmas checklist before the holiday week begins!


You’re cutting it very close if you have not finished all your gift shopping for this season. For most online shopping stores, they offer ways to get same-day or two-day delivery. Even so, there could be issues with delays or packaging damage, so you shouldn’t wait until the last minute to buy everything. Have you checked off all the presents you wanted to get for everyone already? 

Wrapping Paper

Maybe not all of your gifts have arrived or been bought by now, but as long as you have plenty of wrapping paper and gift bags prepared, you won’t have to rush. This way, you can get everything decorated and ready to be placed right under that tree as soon as possible. Don’t forget the name tags and bows for decoration!

Pre-Baking and Cooking Fun

There are many kinds of Christmas foods that can be baked or prepared beforehand. You can freeze cookie dough for at least a week before they go in the oven. If you aren’t planning on cooking for the holidays, make sure you have all your catering needs paid and designed for by now. You might still have to do some cooking the day, but anything you can pre-plan will help you feel less stressed.

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