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How to Prep Your Home For a Bad Storm

How to Prep Your Home For a Bad Storm

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about hurricanes anymore. Hurricane season lasts until late November, so there’s still that potential risk for a big storm to hit Long Island. Make sure you and your family are well prepared for any storm mother nature throws your way!


Take Care of Your Trees

It can be as simple as trimming any tree branches that hang over the house or as vital as taking down a dying tree. Trees can be the source of much of the damage caused during hurricanes. The extreme winds will overpower any weak trees in your yard, causing them to fall onto your home!


Secure Outdoor Furniture

If you know a storm is coming, start packing your outdoor furniture somewhere safe. Umbrellas and chairs will get lost in the storm! Temporarily hide them away in the shed or use weights to keep them in place.


Protect Your Valuables

Keep important documents and photographs somewhere safe during the storm. Keep them out of areas of the house that might be subject to flooding. If you have to evacuate, leave important items with a family member or friend that will keep them safe for you while you wait the storm out!


Create an Emergency Kit

You never know what will happen during a storm or how bad it will truly be. An emergency preparedness kit will ensure basic necessities are available to you and your family at any moment's notice. It should include enough water for everyone, food to last a long time, battery-powered flashlights and radios, as well as a first aid kit.


Create a Family Emergency Plan

It’s important to stay together during a major storm. If there is ever a circumstance where you get separated from your family, pick a place that could be the family’s meeting place once the storm passes. Also keep a few numbers from friends or family outside the storm area as emergency contacts.

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