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How To Bring Back Curb Appeal After Winter

How To Bring Back Curb Appeal After Winter


There's much debate about whether or not winter is a pretty month. Though not much grows, snow and other conditions have the capability to be beautiful. But how much do these weather conditions do for your curb appeal? As we begin to rush towards spring, we can start to look forward to some gorgeous spring weather and, in turn, better curb appeal. Here are some ways you can start bringing back your home's appeal after a long winter:


Mailbox Makeover

Spring is the season of change, so why not change up the look of your old mailbox? Especially if you have had it for a while, sprucing up the paint and design can make for a fun project. Since it's one of the first things people see when they approach your house, it will positively impact your curb appeal if it looks brand new and fancy!

Add More Plants

For that perfect pop of color, aim to plant a few new flowers around your home this spring! We'll be seeing many plants bloom, so a simple yet elegant flower can do so much for your house's curb appeal. Be sure to research what kinds will bloom the best where you live and whether or not they'll return next year.

Powerwash Grime

There's not much cleaning to be done during winter due to freezing temperatures, but now is your chance to give your home and its surrounding area a deep clean. Powerwash your siding, driveway, and sidewalk to give your house a pristine look. Your curb appeal will flourish this spring, thus increasing your home's value!

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