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How to Apply for Property Tax Grievance in Nassau County

How to Apply for Property Tax Grievance in Nassau County

To help combat soaring taxes in Nassau County, residents have the right to grieve their taxes. Through this process, those individuals choose to appeal their assessment by providing necessary information about their property. P.T.R.C., Inc. specializes in long island residential property tax reductions. Since 1990, P.T.R.C., Inc. has successfully handled over 285,000 assessment challenges. We have secured millions of dollars in reductions and refunds for our clients. We aim to be the best in the business!

The Process

ARC asks filers to complete a form that has various parts. Some of the questions are optional, but the more residents fill out the more they can highlight their argument that their assessment is inaccurate.

Individuals must first fill out Part A of the application sheet to identify the property. Verify that all information is correct.
In Part B, residents need to fill out what they feel their assessment should be. This section must be completed.
The individual's address and contact information are included in Part C. This should be checked for accuracy, for ARC uses it to contact the resident.
Part D enables the filer to include any pertinent information about the property that would affect the value. Suitable answers include, but are not limited to, home is located on a main road, adjacent to a train station or near a school.
An optional section, Part E enables the filer to accurately specify the claim for the reduction.
Another optional section, Part F invites residents to upload comparable homes in the area. These are used to support the claim that a new assessment is necessary.
The last section must be filled out or the form cannot be filed. It simply asks the resident to sign and certify that all statements made are accurate.


The online appeal system is open until April 2, 2020. During this time, any type of property can be filed for including commercial ones.


P.T.R.C., Inc.  help residents complete their assessments and will file on their behalf. If this is the case, Part C of the form would indicate that there is a designation of representation.

Residents can simply visit P.T.R.C., Inc.  and fill out the online application to get the process started.


As the leader in property tax challenges, the staff at Property Tax Reduction Consultants (P.T.R.C., Inc.) is dedicated to assuring that our clients pay the lowest possible property tax as required by law!