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How Tax Relief Works For Hurricane Damage

How Tax Relief Works For Hurricane Damage

Peak Hurricane season is upon us and we have already seen some heavy weather conditions blowing in. Most, if not all Long Islanders, remember storms such as superstorm Sandy and hurricane Irene, not to mention the most recent tropical storm Isaias that hit Long Island very hard. From flooding to home damage due to high winds and tree fall, there’s a lot that you need to take into account when it comes to your home taxes and storm damage, and how much tax relief can help you and your family. 

Emergency Declaration Needed First

First things first, the situation usually needs to be declared under the State Disaster Emergency by the governor. This not only applies to big storms, but other situations such as pandemics as well. Once this occurs, changes to certain tax filing and payment deadlines will often follow.


A Change In Deadlines

From the emergency declaration, the Tax Department extends the date for deadlines and filing periods. This helps those directly affected by huge storms, allowing taxpayers to have more time to file. During disaster situations, this can help give you more time to clean up the aftermath of the storm.


If You’re Still Unable To File

The Tax Department is usually very understanding during emergencies, so if you still can’t file during the new deadline as a direct result of the storm, then they have other options. You can request that they treat your return as a timely filed. This means you will be allowed to indicate your return is late or incomplete due to the storm. There are only certain taxes that this applies to depending on the disaster, so check with your state mandates for specifics about the storm.


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