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How Long is the Grievance Process?

How Long is the Grievance Process?

When it comes to getting your property taxes reduced, many homeowners are hesitant to start since it seems like a convoluted process. When, in fact, the grievance process is a lot more straightforward than you may realize! Not only that, but when you invest in a trustworthy team, you'll know all the hard parts will be taken care of for you.

But, it's essential to understand the timeline when it comes to the process as a whole. Here's how long you can expect everything to take from when you first apply to when your case is settled:


The Starting Point

One of the most important parts about applying for a grievance is that you don't miss your county's designated timelines! Deadlines are put in place every year for both Suffolk and Nassau county, and you can only file once a year. So don't miss them!

How Long is the Grievance Process?

From here, your application enters the unrolling grievance process. It can take some time, with some processes taking 18 months from beginning to end. However, regardless of when your case is settled, the results will always be retroactive to the beginning of the tax year for which you filed your property tax grievance. And keep in mind that throughout your process, our team will be in touch about new changes or updates in your case.

There's No Risk to You

We only charge for successful cases, so applying for a grievance is at no risk to you! Tax rates generally increase every year, so even if your assessment remains unchanged, your taxes increase. So, when you invest in our team and apply, you are one step closer to feeling a weight lifted from your property taxes burdens.

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