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Holiday Home Safety Tips

Holiday Home Safety Tips

The holiday season is here! And one of the best parts about this time of year is when we get to decorate our home for the occasion. There are so many ways to make it your own, with unique decor that light up differently from the rest of your neighbors. However, it’s essential to keep safety in mind. When it comes to getting everything set up before the holidays, we encourage you to always put your safety first before all.


Remember Ladder Safety

When it comes to getting those lights up around the house, most homeowners need to break out their ladders to get this task done. We urge you always to remember to have someone spot you while climbing the ladder and check the ground to make sure the surface is clear and has no ice or water. Some severe injuries can occur while using a ladder, so please be safe!


Electrical Safety

You have a lot that needs to be lit up during the night to spread the holly, jolly cheer for all to see. However, there are a few outdoor electricity safety tips to always keep in mind. Try not to plug too many decorations into one outlet, as the system could overload and cause your breaker panel to pop. Remember to invest in weatherproof protection for your power cords, as rainy or snowy conditions could cause damage to any decorations you have outside.


Fire Safety

For indoor decorations, make sure that you have the right lights and outlets for anything wrapped around your tree, furniture, or walls. If your system overheats or something happens with the electrical cords, and there is a spark, it could be disastrous. Research the correct lights for your home and turn them off once everyone has gone to bed, as there is no reason to keep them on 24/7.

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