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Great Places For Winter Fun In Long Island

Great Places For Winter Fun In Long Island

While Long Island is not noted for heavy amounts of snow as other parts of the state are, the area is prone to a consistent regular snowfall each winter allowing people the opportunity to find great spots to sled, learn to snow board and even cross-country ski if there is enough snow.

While many people can readily build a snowman or a snow fort in their own yard in Long Island, finding a great spot for sledding, snow-boarding or cross-country skiing requires finding a great park with a good hill and some trails through the woods for cross country skiing.

Great Long Island Winter Fun Parks

Newbridge Road Park is one of the areas great parks because it has a hill that boasts to be about two stories high and a fifty-foot-long sled slope that is perfect for avid sledders to enjoy the snow. Additionally, there is a skating rink across the way for those who want a little indoor winter fun.

Eisenhower Park is another great winter park for families to enjoy snow. While not a steep declining hill like Newbridge Park, Eisenhower is in many ways a perfect spot for winter fun without worries of safety for younger sledders. It is almost designed for families with younger kids who want a gentler slope to navigate and a large area to sled in. This is a great park for cross country skiing as well with trails throughout.

Herman Griem Park which is located in Wheately Heights is a good spot for both families with younger kids and those sledders who want a little challenge. It features two hills for sledding enthusiasts. The hill on the right side is shorter but steeper which gives older riders a bit of an adrenaline rush. The second hill to left is not as drastic a decline on the hill which is great for a nice safe steady run down the hill. The park can easily handle over 100 people and their sleds so it is a pretty safe bet as a place to find an open lane for sledding.

Bethpage State Park is a good park that offers both sledding for the family and miles of great trails for cross country skiing buffs. The park is a world class golf course in the warm seasons so the slopes are well maintained underneath for a gentle sledding experience which is perfect for family fun with kids.


While there are no snow-boarding or downhill skiing official locations in Long Island, there are places good locations to begin to learn the sport in Long Island. Certainly, on any of the smaller sledding slopes mentioned here and in other spots throughout Long Island snowboarders in training can get some good time learning the sport before officially goring to a more advanced snowboarding location. 



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