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Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Long Island Dads

Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Long Island Dads

Father’s Day is this weekend, and if you are running a bit behind on getting the right gifts for dad, we have some great ideas for you. These are perfect for any Long Island dad and are easy enough to make, plan, or get by Sunday! So if you’re a bit behind on getting the perfect present, we’ve got you covered.


DIY Gifts

From specially made cards to decorative photo frames for your best picture together, dad is sure to love a gift made from scratch. DIY gifts are a great idea, and they always come from the heart, so you can never really go wrong with this creative idea. It’s a perfect way to get all the kids together to help show their appreciation for pops. Here’s some inspiration for you!

A Fun Trip

Long Island has so many unique places that are perfect for celebrating Father’s Day! We consider surprising dad with one of these trips a gift in itself. Whether you’re planning on visiting a beautiful town out east, hitting up one of LI’s many beaches, or spending the day having fun at a museum or park, he’ll treasure the memories forever.

Long Island Memorabilia

If your dad is proud of where he lives, then get him some Long Island memorabilia this holiday. You have so many options to choose from, like mugs, aprons, hats, and more! The best part is that many local stores will have these items, so it will be quick and easy to get your hands on these presents.

A Day By The Water

The beauty of Long Island is how many beaches and water activities there are to offer. Does dad love fishing? Or maybe he’s more of a relax on the sand guy? Either way, there are so many fun water activities to enjoy this weekend. Just make sure you plan for anything that needs to be booked in advance!

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