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Fall Maintenance Tips For Homeowners

Fall Maintenance Tips For Homeowners


As the new season quickly approaches, homeowners should begin to prepare for what this change will bring to their home. From pesky leaves to a drop in temperature, fall maintenance is no joke. Know all the steps it takes to keep your house organized and clean in autumn, so that you can enter the rest of the year with a well kept and aesthetically pleasing home.

Rake Often

In order to keep a clean lawn and keep things organized, raking your leaves often is key. It can be a strenuous task, but it’s not something that needs to be done by one person. Get the whole family together for some leaf raking and make the chore go by much faster. Plus, it keeps your curb appeal up all throughout the fall season. 


Clean Out Your Gutters

In fall, there is so much clutter in your gutters. It’s important to clean out all those leaves and debris, so that water can properly drain through the system. When your gutters are full, they can’t move water like they’re meant to. Instead, water will flood out the sides and top, which could cause water damage to parts of your siding and foundation. Just put on some gloves and keep those gutters clear!

Wash Your Windows

Don’t you want to be able to see the beautiful orange and red leaves on the trees? Then, your windows are going to need a good washing. Making this chore a top priority during the changing of seasons helps keep your home clean all year round. Bonus: getting rid of the moss and allergens from your windows can help keep your indoor air quality clean along the way.

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