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Explore LI’s Hidden Gems

Explore LI’s Hidden Gems

For families, couples and adventurous individuals, Long Island has a seemingly never-ending list of places to visit and things to do. Due to their popularity, some of these attractions can fall victim to long lines and overcrowding -- which means less exploring and more waiting.

With a little digging, however, you can uncover the best of what ‘The Island’ has to offer, without all of the waiting around. Whether it be an under-the-radar restaurant or a lush lavender field — we’ve got some hidden gems right in our own backyard!

Lavender By The Bay
Trying to get the perfectly-purple Instagram photo is never a task in East Marion, where Lavender bunches take over an endless plot of land on the north fork. Here you’re able to bring your furry friends along for an adventure as you dance through Lavender fields, and purchase your own goodies to bring home!

Cornucopia’s Noshery
Tucked away on a quiet corner in the heart of Amityville lies a breakfast and lunch hotspot that boasts much more than an eclectic menu. This kinda-retro, goth inspired, hippy restaurant includes a selection of fruity boozy breakfast drinks and a ‘Tropical Waffle’ (complete with a piña colada sauce), that’s truly second to none.

Collector Car Showcase
Among many historic buildings in the town of Oyster Bay, Collector Car Showcase (or CCS Motors) is an automobile enthusiast’s trip back in time. This private facility houses vintage & luxury automobiles from all decades, in addition to restored relics from each automotive period. Hosted often is a Saturday morning ‘Cars & Coffee’ event, which brings hundreds of sports cars together for a morning of caffeine and carburetors.

Charlotte’s Frozen Yogurt/Speakeasy
For those looking for a few drinks, you just might find something special in the basement of Charlotte’s Frozen Yogurt in Farmingdale. This frozen yogurt shop puts on a front upon first entrance, but a little digging and a secret password just might lead you to the basement, where live music, low light, and specialty cocktails are available for anyone over 21.

Nassau Museum of Art - The Frick Estate
For families looking for a fun day out, the Nassau County Museum of Art houses a little bit of treasure for everyone in one place! Located in Roslyn Harbor, this former estate is now the home to different types of fine art, relics, and an outdoor sculpture garden worth taking a stroll (or two!) through. You and your gang will spend hours gazing among some of the world’s finest art, in a building as historic as the items it protects.

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