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End of Summer Checklist for Homeowners

End of Summer Checklist for Homeowners

It's hard to believe summer will be ending soon, but there's still some time before the long days are gone! So, during this time, it's vital to get some end-of-summer to-dos off your checklist to ensure you're fully prepared for what fall has to bring. And we here at P.T.R.C., Inc. have some of the best tips for Long Island homeowners like you!

Clean Your Gutters

Start cleaning out your gutters and downspouts now to avoid clogs when all the autumn leaves begin to come down! This is a chore that you'll have to keep up with for the duration of the fall season, but it can't hurt to get ahead of the curve and start tidying up now— it will only benefit you later.


Get Your Furnace Ready

Now's the time to schedule an annual furnace inspection so that you can be sure it'll be running at its best during those cold nights. These yearly inspections help ensure your system lasts longer and that you can save money by preventing any future issues with your system.

Take Care of Your Outdoor Furniture

Put away any summer outdoor furniture that may be still outside and store it in a dry place like a garage or shed, away from moisture and other elements. And before everything is stored away, be sure to give your chairs and tables a good power wash so that they'll be a bit cleaner when you take them out next year.

Begin Organizing

We all know the phrase "spring cleaning," but remember that organization is vital every month! From cleaning out your garage, attic, or basement in order to clear space for storage to organizing necessary paperwork to prepare for critical dates such as tax day, it can never hurt to keep a clean home.

And now that fall is almost here, it's time to start applying for your property tax grievance!

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