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DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations

It’s almost that time of the year again, when cooking is made ten times more stressful than usual! Whenever Thanksgiving rolls around, it’s easy to focus so much on the food that you forget the aesthetic of the dining area. Since dinner this year will be more limited when it comes to guests, you can still make the day special with a picture perfect table. Here is our DIY guide for you:

Napkin Rings

There’s no better way to make your plates look fancy than with some nice, decorative napkin rings. You can make your own with fall themed material at your local craft store, or buy some custom made ones online. Either way, it’s a great upgrade to just placing your napkins to the right of your plate and calling it a day.

Tiny Fall Decorations

Make your own pumpkins and autumn themed table decorations and fill the gaps of your table to make the most of your holiday treats. Not only will they be picture perfect, but it’s a great way to remind everyone that we have the little things to be thankful for. Head over to your local craft store to start putting together some tiny trinkets.

Make Your Food Pretty

From beautiful cheese boards to mouth watering desserts, if you put a little extra care into how your dishes look this year they can make your table look amazing. Yes, we’re saying the food itself counts as a decoration. Go with fall designs or neat arrangements and your guests will feel like they are sitting at a professional Thanksgiving table. Don’t forget to add your own flare and personality to each bite.

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