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DIY Halloween Decorations

DIY Halloween Decorations


Halloween is coming up, which means it’s time to start decorating for the occasion! But for those who are feeling a little creative this month, there are plenty of spooky DIY crafts to be done. For both indoor and outdoor, here are some of our favorite DIY Halloween decorations to consider:

Pumpkin Carving

This one is a given. Perhaps one of the most well known DIY home decorations, all you have to do is get some nicely shaped pumpkins and a carving kit and go to work. The beauty of this craft is that the pumpkins can be placed both inside and outside. People usually opt for outside, where then you can stick a light inside and create the perfect ghouly atmosphere for your porch.

Bubbling Cauldron

Create a magical feeling by DIYing your own bubbling cauldron. It just takes some dry ice and water to make the magic happen. Remember to always use gloves while using dry ice and never let it touch your skin. Be sure to wear safety goggles as well, and keep it a fair distance from younger kids until it’s all done and created!

Spider Wreath

Truly one of the spookiest decorations of them all has to be the ones with creepy crawlers. DIY the perfect decor for your front door by making your very own spider wreath. It just takes some string and tiny spider pieces, and you’re in business. Follow this step-by-step guide to make your own. 


Spooky Hand Soap

Spice up that boring hand soap you have around the house with home Halloween themed additions. It’s as easy as adding little fake spiders and eye balls to the container, making hand washing even more freakishly-fun! The kids will get a kick out of it and you can always re-use the pieces in new bottles of soap.

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