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Day Trips On Long Island

Day Trips On Long Island


Sometimes summer days can all blend into one, and it can be hard to do all the fun activities you want to. So, on those days when maybe you only have less than 24 hours to spare, there are plenty of spots on Long Island that you will have time to visit and enjoy to the fullest! Here are some of our top favorites that you need to try this year so you can start planning now:



You can never go wrong with a trip to Montauk. This long drive ends in some of the best restaurants and views there is to offer! Climb up to the top of the famous and historical Montauk Lighthouse or visit some of the nicest beaches here on the island. There's so much the very end of Long Island has to offer.

Beach Days

We implore you to mark a specific day on your calendar for a good old beach day! It's summertime, so laying on the smooth sand and swimming in the cool waves is a must. Some great beaches on Long Island that you can make a day trip to include:
  • Jones Beach State Park
  • Robert Moses State Park
  • Orient Beach State Park
  • Ocean Beach Park

Fire Island

This fun and exciting barrier island sits in the very south part of the island. Fire Island offers so much, such as white sand beaches, bike paths, bars and restaurants, local shops, and boating trips. Not only that, but if you enjoy your time here, there are many housing rental opportunities for those who want to make a vacation out of it!

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