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Can I File Even If I’ve Missed The Deadline?

Can I File Even If I’ve Missed The Deadline?

Now that filing has come to a close, we see people online wondering about filing beyond the deadline. 

So you want to know if you could file a property tax grievance after the Nassau County or the Suffolk County deadline passes?
In short: once this deadline has passed, a grievance cannot be filed for that tax period. 
You must wait until the following grievance period to file again for the subsequent tax year.

If you run into the issue of "my property tax grievance from last year is still not determined," then yes, you will have to reapply. You only have the opportunity once a year to file a tax grievance. Once a tax year’s tax grievance deadline passes, there is no recourse to file for that year.

Be sure that you are filing a tax grievance each year, this will ensure that you will not miss an opportunity for a property tax reduction. Set a reminder to contact PTRC ahead of schedule

Remember, the grievance process is a long one and it could take 18 months from beginning to end. However, regardless of when your case is settled, the results will always be retroactive to the beginning of the tax year for which you filed your property tax grievance.

Have more questions about the tax reduction process? Visit our FAQ page or contact our office, we’d be glad to answer any additional questions.

At P.T.R.C., Inc., we’ve made it our mission to ensure our clients pay the lowest amount in property tax as required by law. Since 1990, we’ve been recognized as fair and honest, and our clients benefit from the close working relationships we’ve established with the assessing units over the years.

This blog has been updated May 2019
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As the leader in property tax challenges, the staff at Property Tax Reduction Consultants (P.T.R.C., Inc.) is dedicated to assuring that our clients pay the lowest possible property tax as required by law!