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A Guide To Carving Pumpkins

A Guide To Carving Pumpkins

Nothing screams Halloween like good ol’ fashion pumpkin carving! Anyone new to this spooktacular arts and crafts project will need a thorough step-by-step guide. Sometimes even professional pumpkin carvers need a refresh after a year off. So, if you’re planning on setting up some cute Halloween decorations this year, we have your full guide to carving pumpkins.

Step 1: Get your pumpkin

Picking out the perfect pumpkin for carving means you should keep an eye out for ones with more rounded, smooth surfaces. It will make it easier for you to neatly pull off your design ideas! 

Step 2: Invest in pumpkin carving kit

If you want to make things quicker and more precise, those pumpkin carving kits will work perfectly. They come with tools for the job, such as scoopers and carving tools. You won’t regret it!

Step 3: Pick your design

Are you looking to make a spooky scary type of pumpkin? Or are you leaning more towards something cute and simple? Either way, you should plan out your design ahead of time. Don’t wait until the last minute, and then mess up your carving because you weren’t prepared! 

Step 4: Print out your design

What some people do instead of free-handing their picture is they print it out and place it on the pumpkin to help guide them while they carve. The picture will tell you where to cut and how many details you will need. 

Step 5: Stay safe and have fun!

Remember to be careful while using any carving tools, and to never let children carve pumpkins without a parent present. If someone needs help, lend them a hand! And if someone is too young to handle the tools, painting your pumpkins is always a great idea! It’s a fun project for any family or friends to participate in to celebrate Halloween. Add your candle inside, decorate your home, and take pride in your creation!

We can’t wait to see your pumpkin designs!

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