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5 Tips for lowering your property tax bill

5 Tips for lowering your property tax bill

Five Ways to Lower Your Property Tax Bill

The government created property taxes to help support your state and town, such as public schools, community improvements, and local services. The tax charge is different based on every state and local government law. However, the amount you pay is determined by your property. From the tax consultants of Long Island, we’re here to help provide five tricks to reduce your property tax bill.

1. Research Your Neighborhood Home Value

Though it may feel strange, you should learn the average house value in your neighborhood. Identify any discrepancies that don’t quite make sense. For instance, if your neighbor’s home has four bedrooms and is assessed at $300,000 while your two-bedroom home is at $315,000 — that may be a mistake by a tax assessor. Doing your research will help you understand how much your property tax should be. 

2. Limit Home Projects

Completing projects to improve your real estate will increase your property tax bill. For instance, adding a pool or updating your house’s roof shingles increases your home’s value. If you need to save money, put a pause on your humble abode’s improvement projects for now.

3. Monitor Your Bill

Keep an eye on your bill to prevent any inaccuracies. You can get a free copy from your local government office to get the tax details. Make sure that the size of your equity and the square footage aligns with your charge. If you detect a mistake, contact a tax assessor.

4. Check if You Qualify for Tax Exemptions

Most state and local governments provide tax exemptions for homeowners. For instance, if you are a veteran or use your property for agricultural purposes, you may be able to reduce your cost of taxes. You should see if your house is eligible for an exemption. This could help you save quite a bit of money. Remember, the worse they can say is no.

5. Walk With Your Tax Assessor

When a tax assessor is coming to evaluate your equity, ensure you are participating in the process. They tend to focus on the positive features of your house, which will increase your property value tremendously. Make sure to mention any small defects throughout your home so that they accurately estimate your property value.

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