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5 Halloween Home Safety Tips

5 Halloween Home Safety Tips


Halloween is this weekend! With spooks and candy galore, it's a fun holiday for celebration— but it's a time where safety should not be overlooked. This Halloween home safety checklist will help you avoid the most common mistakes homeowners make on their property during this time of year.


1. Perfect Lighting

Ensure all exterior lights work properly and are well lit to guide children safely around the exterior of your house. Consider using an outside motion sensor light or glow sticks to add a spooky but safe ambiance.

2. Remember Fire Safety

Avoid using too many flammable materials such as spider webs and other types of netting, as they tend to cause issues. Also, ensure that if you're using any extension cords, they are the correct ones for outdoor use.

3. Keep Your Pets in Mind

Please keep your pets safe by keeping them inside or in an enclosed area where they can't escape. If you know your pet will be scared by spooky decorations outside, then it's best to avoid setting those up around your home! Don't want your fluffy buddies to get too spooked this season.

4. Decoration Safety

Avoid setting up any decorations that have loose parts or stick out too much. If anything is blocking the pathway to your door, it could result in trips, falling, or serious injury. Keep all decorations up high enough so that children can't reach them, and inspect each ornament before putting it out on display.

5. Clean Your Yard

Check your yard before the big night. Remove anything that could be dangerous for trick-or-treaters, such as obstacles or leaves on the ground. Take the day before to make sure there's a clean and clear path towards your candy.

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