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4 Common Questions About Property Taxes

4 Common Questions About Property Taxes

It's a known fact that homeowners have many questions about property taxes. You may be wondering how much you owe, what your tax rate is, or if there are any deductions you can take on your property taxes, among many other questions. We're here to answer the four most common questions homeowners, like you, have every day.

1. What should I do if my assessment seems incorrect?

As a property owner, know that you have a right to appeal your assessment if it seems incorrect. The assessor will typically explain why they feel the estimate is correct. Still, property owners should ask questions and request clarification if something about the assessment doesn't seem clear or accurate.

2. How does my property tax bill get calculated?

To calculate your property tax bill, the following factors are taken into account:
  • The total assessed value of your property
  • Local taxing jurisdictions (school district, municipal government)
  • Special assessments and/or taxes for which you're responsible
Other considerations affect how much money you pay in property taxes. These include:
  • Exemptions and deductions that apply to your home or business
  • Whether or not you have a homestead exemption
  • What type of building is on the property
And more!

3. Where can I find information on what other homes in my area have saved in property taxes?

Ever wonder what your neighbors are paying in property taxes? Property tax rates vary by state, county, and city. Here at Property Tax Reduction Consultants, we also offer a way for you to see just how much your neighbors have saved on property taxes this year and what this means for your home.
4. Why am I getting a higher property tax this year than last year?
The reasons for this can vary, but some of the most common causes include increases in assessed value, changes in exemptions, or other factors that impact the total tax bill, such as new construction. If you notice an increase in your property taxes this year compared to last year, be sure to contact your municipality so they can provide some explanation as to why it may have changed.

And if you feel you have a case for getting your property taxes lowered, that's where we come in.

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