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10​ ​Tips​ ​to​ ​Lower​ ​Property​ ​Taxes

10​ ​Tips​ ​to​ ​Lower​ ​Property​ ​Taxes

For most people living on Long Island, property taxes are high and rising. Fortunately, P.T.R.C. can show you many ways to lower your property value and your property tax bill. The following are 10 tips that can help. 

1. Appeal Your Property Tax Assessment

About 60% of all homes have tax bills that are too high. Appealing your property tax bill gives you 30 to 120 days to prove you're being billed too much. Most homeowners that appeal their property tax bill get it reduced.

2. Check Your Property Card For Errors

Your property card list the criteria assessors use to decide the property value of a home. These property cards often contain mistakes. Finding and reporting those errors can reduce your property taxes significantly without needing to file an appeal.

3. Beware Of Adding Rooms Or Buildings

Additions to your home can increase property taxes. Before making additions contact your local tax office to find out how much it will increase your property taxes.

4. Compare Your Home To Similar Ones

Look online at tax bills of your neighbors with similar size and age homes. If your home's tax assessment is much higher, appeal it. Chances are you'll get it lowered.

5. Get All Your Deductions

Make sure you get all the deductions for which you qualify. That includes veterans, senior citizens and any other exemptions. Check the department of taxation website for more discounts.

6. Point Out The Bad

Show the tax assessor your leaky basement and anything else that will lower your property value. This will lower your property tax bill.

7. Hire A Professional

Hire an independent assessor if you think your house is overvalued. A private assessor can cost about $250. Lowering your property value can save you thousands of dollars.

8. Invite The Assessor Inside

Inviting the assessor inside your home usually results in a lower, more accurate property value and tax bill.

9. Limit Curb Appeal Upgrades

Tax assessors give more attractive homes higher property values than ugly ones of comparable size. Putting off cosmetics alterations and physical upgrades until after the assessor leaves will result in a lower tax bill.

10. Do Your Due Diligence

Tax assessors often make mistakes. Check all assessments and tax bills carefully. Finding those errors can reduce your property taxes significantly.

P.T.R.C. has used these tips and other techniques to save Long Island homeowners lots of money. Visit our site to learn more. http://www.ptrc.com/ 


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