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Places to Visit During Spring in Long Island

Places to Visit During Spring in Long Island


While visiting Long Island can be delightful all year long, it is especially terrific during the spring. The mild temperatures and warm air invite people to spend time indoors and outdoors. 



Sagamore Hill National Historic Site, Oyster Bay

There were two president Roosevelts. The first was Teddy Roosevelt. Roosevelt was brought up in Manhattan but summered in Long Island. Enchanted with the island, he bought a home of his own in his twenties. Today, Sagamore Hill welcomes visitors all year long. People can see where Roosevelt raised a family of six with his second wife. The gorgeous grounds are perfect on a spring day.


Old Westbury Gardens 

Spring is a time for flowers and gardens. Long Island is home to some of the finest along the eastern seaboard. Head to Old Westbury for a mansion surrounded by two hundred acres. You'll find ponds, lakes and plenty of places to take a shady walk and see local flora in full bloom. Guided tours will show you dozens of charming spaces.



Long Island Children's Museum

If your kids are off for spring break, bring them here on a rainy day. This Garden City museum has lots of things that kids can see and learn about. Fourteen interactive exhibits encourage exploration of the natural world and creative play as well as fun family time. There's also a live theater that encourages kids to participate in plays geared to their age group. Free parking makes it easy to get there and home.

Montauk Point Lighthouse

Perched at the very tip of the island, Montauk is place for summer crowds heading for a fashionable beach resort. It also makes a great spring day trip. The lighthouse is an ideal option for a warm spring day of fun. This is the oldest lighthouse in New York state. There's a museum on the grounds that brings the past history of the area to life again. Guided tours take people into each corner of the lighthouse and up the stairs. Take a climb to the top. When you get there, marvel at views that stretch across three states. The off season means you'll have less company so can enjoy the entire place even more.






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