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Information About Grievances

Long Island homeowners still pay among the highest property taxes in the United States. Homeowners should be outraged!  You have the legal right to fight back and there is only a small window of opportunity.  Your ability to fight your taxes only comes around once a year and the time is now!

If you miss the once a year deadline you will have to wait another year to file and you may overpay your property taxes on the missed year. 

There is no fee to qualify. All you have to do is fill out the application to get started.  

Our policy is simply, No Reduction =No Fee!

Important Facts

  • Property Taxes Are Just Like Your Income Taxes and Should Be Reviewed Once Every Year!
  • Your taxes cannot go up because of this process.
  • Thousands of homeowners are overpaying hundred and even thousands of dollars in property taxes every year.
  • Many homeowners aren’t aware that they can challenge the assessed value on their home.
  • Municipalities only accept applications once a year, you must apply now!

Why Should You File a Grievance?

  • The municipalities aren’t going to just lower property taxes, it’s up to the homeowner to file a grievance to do something about it.
  • Not challenging your taxes may taking money out of your pocket. You may be absorbing an increased tax burden due to other homeowners who have successfully reduced their assessment.
  • There is no fee with P.T.R.C. Inc. to file a grievance. If there is no reduction than there is no fee. We only charge a fee on successful cases!